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Colorado Outdoor Companies We Like

People come to Colorado, and stay here, to have the opportunity to be immersed in the outdoors, whether for snowboarding, hiking, rafting, snowshoeing, or just gazing at the sun setting behind the mountains. Outdoor brands are a reflection of that culture. Colorado outdoor companies know how to carve out a niche that translates around the world. Colorado’s brands do style, function and integrity, acting from a place of passion and values.

Following these principles are what makes me like these local outdoor brands:


Bicylists climbing mountain road in USA Pro Challenge in Drake, CO.

Photo courtesy of Kimon Berlin on Flickr.

Serious cyclists abound here in some of the most challenging road races around, up and down Colorado mountain passes, all at altitude. Pactimo‘s roots in Colorado led it to design custom racing gear, manufactured in company-controlled factories, sold online at a high level of customer service to world-wide cyclists.  I like its passionate responsiveness to a niche consumer, the elite sport brand look and feel and its Colorado based success. Continue reading