You’re a brand with fundamental questions about your business and your buyers. You don’t want to guess – you want answers from concrete data and nuanced insights.

We have worked with brands to win start-up funding, launch successful products, and save money by implementing solutions earlier in the strategy development process. Our Qualiwhys™ and Quantiwhys™ services help you turn marketing decisions into revenue.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research helps you learn the how and why of buyer behavior and gives you the opportunity to witness the buyer perspective through words, body language, vocal tone, photos, and videos. We specialize in online methods because they offer better participants, easier geographic diversity and reduced costs.

With our Qualiwhys™ services, we can help you:

Develop or test a new product, brand positioning, or advertising,

Evolve a creative process,

Bring consumer segments to life,

Perform UX testing on websites or applications,

…and more!

Through carefully chosen samples of people and in-depth research, we collect qualitative data that can inform product development, brand strategy or market segmentation. Our online qualitative methodologies include focus groups, individual depth interviews (IDIs), bulletin boards, projective techniques, user experience research, and ethnography.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research will help you understand the what of buyer behavior, providing you with numerical answers to your marketing questions.

With our Quantiwhys™ techniques, we can help you:

Understand the preferences of samples that represent your entire market,

Recognize large-scale consumer problems,

Quantify the findings from qualitative research,

…and more!

Through online surveys and quali-quant studies we collect quantitative data that can give you the numerical clout to get decision makers on-board with marketing strategy.

It Doesn’t End There!

We know information is useless unless it can be used to create a plan that incites change. All of our projects are concluded with a visually appealing presentation where we use our experience to take raw data and synthesize it into actionable insights and recommendations. The result is knowing who your customers are and making better business decisions.

Contact us to explore which research methods are best for you and your business goals.

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