Food, Clothing, Culture and Consumer Clients

Marketing Decision-Makers

Contact us if you are facing decisions on which new product concepts to develop, if you worry about whether a newly developed product is ready to launch, if you are about to develop a completely new website, if you need clarity on your brand in order to make all of the pieces of your marketing mix more effective or if you need to truly understand your buyers.

Marketing Doers

If you’ve been tasked with figuring out how to implement a marketing research project and aren’t sure where to start, contact us to discuss the nuts and bolts. We’ll help you figure out the steps needed, the options you have and how to fit these into your budget while still meeting your company’s goals.

Advertising and Digital Agencies

Contact us if you need more resources to develop brand strategy for a new client, if you want iterative consumer design feedback to make your creative even more effective, or if you want to consider robust research methods to truly understand your client’s buyers. We can collaborative with your team to enable you to offer more services to current and prospective clients with strategic and testing needs.


Contact us if you are one of the savvier types of entrepreneur who knows that clarity on who your buyers are, what your brand communicates and what your product mix should be makes sense in order to pitch prospective investors, meet current investors’ goals, or simply grow your business.


BuyerSynthesis works with clients on either a fixed-price, per-project or hourly fee basis based on the complexity of the planning, research, synthesis and reporting process. Additional direct research expenses reflect the scope of the research, the number of participants, the online platform, the difficulty of locating and the cost of incentivizing participants. We pass along expenses at cost.

Project costs only start after the project itself begins. Before then, Jennifer Cooper, President of BuyerSynthesis, consults with prospective clients about the buyer questions they need answered, as well as timing, budget, background and goals.

Contact us for a free marketing research consultation, or to find out more about the work we’ve done for our clients.

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