A Few Consumer Insights Definitions

Boston Public Library Reading RoomMarketing often uses terms that are understood differently by different people. Why? Because many of them are made up to capture current trends. Following are a few consumer insights definitions.

Consumer Insights

Consumers Insights is kind of a trendy way of communicating that Marketing Research reports with tons of crosstabs and charts, Focus Group backroom notes, and Online Bulletin Board transcripts require sophisticated thinking before they become relevant in a business situation. Drawing Consumer Insights from studies means figuring out what actually matters about your business’ consumers and how to apply that knowledge to marketing. Insights should be built on human truths, and can be used to influence product development, communications, pricing strategy and digital marketing.

Focus Group

A Focus Group is an in-person, or online, group of consumers who discuss their opinions, behaviors and projections about the topic you need to understand. Traditionally there are 10-12 consumers in a focus group, but often 7-8 work a bit better, and even mini-groups like 3-5, triads (3), dyads (2) or IDIs (individual depth interviews) can work well depending on the subject. A focus group moderator works with you to create a Discussion Guide with a list of topics, questions and projective exercises that will be used to lead the conversation. Unlike surveys, where questions do not vary once the survey is launched, qualitative research interview moderators should adjust their follow up questions based on the answers given.

New Product Testing

Product Development usually begins with New Product Concept Ideation. This means that you and a smart, creative group of people come up with ideas for new products. Next, you’ll want to do New Product Concept Testing, either qualitative focus groups or quantitative surveys, to understand which concepts are liked best, and why. Next, develop the concepts that seem most promising and test them as close to final as possible. Lastly, a limited roll-out can give another opportunity to evaluate the promise of your new product.

Usability Testing

Application developers can repeatedly launch new versions of a product, so often put out very limited versions of their product to get some type of feedback. It’s smart to include some small scale Usability Testing, however, where you can fix annoying problems, save time, and keep the goodwill of your buyers and potential buyers. Usability, or UX Testing shows how users actually navigate your product, what they do and how they do it, and what frustrates them, isn’t clear, or just needs to be adjusted.

Consumer Insights Definitions Include More than Research

Marketing research often forms the basis for the consumer insights function. But increasingly, data from consumer satisfaction feedback, behavioral data from online traffic, the Internet of Things sources, and social media are combined with research to guide marketing.

Consumer Insights Consultant Jennifer Cooper heads BuyerSynthesis, where she helps food, restaurant & other consumer brands refine product strategies, test marketing communications & understand their buyers. She can be reached at info@buyersynthesis.com

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