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When Research Better than Gut Instinct In Decision Making

Gut instincts are great for crises, but innovative decision making calls for research.

Army man doing sit-ups.No one ever references the guy who followed his gut instinct and failed. When talking about trusting your gut instinct, we all talk about the success stories: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Einstein – what is it about intuition that makes us all so confident in using it?

A recent report by SurveyMonkey found that 72% of SME leaders make decisions based purely on gut instinct, to the exclusion of qualitative or quantitative insights. That number is in line with the PwC survey of 1,100 senior business officials that showed only 23% of them preferred to look at data and analytics.

Should You “Go With Your Gut”?

The ‘gut instinct’ or intuition has fascinated researchers over the last few decades, many trying to determine whether it is an essential tool for fast decision-making or if it’s just an error-ridden Continue reading

Colorado Outdoor Companies We Like

People come to Colorado, and stay here, to have the opportunity to be immersed in the outdoors, whether for snowboarding, hiking, rafting, snowshoeing, or just gazing at the sun setting behind the mountains. Outdoor brands are a reflection of that culture. Colorado outdoor companies know how to carve out a niche that translates around the world. Colorado’s brands do style, function and integrity, acting from a place of passion and values.

Following these principles are what makes me like these local outdoor brands:


Bicylists climbing mountain road in USA Pro Challenge in Drake, CO.

Photo courtesy of Kimon Berlin on Flickr.

Serious cyclists abound here in some of the most challenging road races around, up and down Colorado mountain passes, all at altitude. Pactimo‘s roots in Colorado led it to design custom racing gear, manufactured in company-controlled factories, sold online at a high level of customer service to world-wide cyclists.  I like its passionate responsiveness to a niche consumer, the elite sport brand look and feel and its Colorado based success. Continue reading

Cost Cutting Cadbury Candy Fiasco

Marketing research sensory testing so handy to shoulder the blame.

Cadbury Cream EggsInternal political squabbles abound in corporate meeting rooms large and small. Sales (we do all the work!) vs Marketing (we make it all happen, you just pick up the phone!). Product Development (look at our beautiful baby!) vs Finance (it costs how much?). Senior Management (introducing our new initiative!) vs Operations (how are we supposed to make that happen?).

So it’s handy to have someone to break the tie. Or to blame unpleasant decisions on. Continue reading

Innovation in 2015, innovative ways to spend your budget

5 Innovative Ways to Spend Your Marketing Budget in 2015

There’s no better time than the New Year to bring fresh ideas to your business.

Last year we saw the rise of crowdfunding, the announcement of exciting wearable technologies, and a continued effort to engage customers through social media and mobile. It was a year of thrilling trends in consumer development.

How many times have you or one of your colleagues said “That’s just the way things are done around here”? Don’t get stuck in a pattern of doing things a certain way just because that’s how things have always been done. Ask WHY, and if there isn’t a good reason perhaps now is the time to think of changing.

Innovation in 2015, innovative ways to spend your budgetThere’s no better time than a New Year and a new budget to bring fresh ideas to your business. Here are 5 exciting and innovative places to allocate your marketing budget in 2015 with an eye toward future revenue streams:


Continue reading

10 (Business) New Year’s Resolutions 2015

According to Forbes*, Only 8% of Individuals Achieve their Resolutions!

business new year's resolution, fireworks

No need to think up my own New Year’s resolutions this year. As a researcher, I can re-purpose other people’s thoughts for fun and profit, so I checked to find the most popular New Year’s resolutions in America. Here they are, remodeled for BuyerSynthesis:

1. Lose Weight

I interviewed recurrent dieters for one of my clients this past year. While participants browsed the client’s new website, I learned their motivations in choosing a diet. One theme can be called, “What will they let me eat?” I found this fascinating. For most, the diet plans acted as a surrogate mother, giving or taking away permission for this basic need. And this got me thinking about how at some point we all need to make our own choices.

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Why Conduct Marketing Research: 7 Reasons

Would Research Help Your Marketing Decisions?

I have worked with clients ranging from fast-growing start-ups to Fortune 500, with quite a few in the middle market size. Some are conducting professional marketing research for the first time; others have in-house research teams. Each client wants to reduce the risk of a marketing decision and wants to know, “Why conduct marketing research?” Continue reading