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Market Research Methodologies

A Few Consumer Insights Definitions

Boston Public Library Reading RoomMarketing often uses terms that are understood differently by different people. Why? Because many of them are made up to capture current trends. Following are a few consumer insights definitions.

Consumer Insights

Consumers Insights is kind of a trendy way of communicating that Marketing Research reports with tons of crosstabs and charts, Focus Group backroom notes, and Online Bulletin Board transcripts require sophisticated thinking before they become relevant in a business situation. Drawing Consumer Insights from studies means figuring out what actually matters about your business’ consumers and how to apply that knowledge to marketing. Insights should be built on human truths, and can be used to influence product development, communications, pricing Continue reading

How Much Does a Focus Group Cost?

Price Tag to Symbolize Cost of Focus GroupsWhen considering marketing research for your organization, you may not know how much to budget for it, or even how much a focus group costs. Because primary market research projects are designed around the needs and scope of the specific client’s situation, costs depend on many factors. So organizations that don’t have a long history of conducting research or have been doing it in-house and are newly considering bringing in professional vendors often don’t know what dollar amount to expect.

Upside and Downside Risk

Another thing that complicates the budgeting process is trying to figure out how valuable research will be before doing it. One way to think of its value is that marketing research Continue reading

Qualitative Methods: Online Market Research vs. In-Person

Understand Your Client's Goals to Decide Whether to Conduct Online Marketing Research.

Grafitti: Question EverythingChoosing a methodology for marketing research involves art as well as science. Your client’s comfort, budget and goals matter – because the least effective research is the research that never happens. Researchers: before you jump immediately to your toolbox of academic goodies, don’t forget to ask many, many questions first.

Questions to Ask Before Even Considering a Methodology

Some clients mistakenly think that hiring a researcher is much like hiring an accountant. Educate them by uncovering the nuances of the situation, their current knowledge and goals. Build understanding between client and researcher by starting with these types of questions:

  1. What decisions will be made with the results? Is the client planning to launch a new product or website and wants to improve the offering? Has the offering been finalized but they are looking to communicate it in the most effective way? Do they need to understand who their buyers are, or might be?
  2. Is this a high-involvement product, or one that only your clients think about constantly?
  3. Does your client need hard numbers to base forecasting, market roll-outs or pricing models upon?
  4. What research has been done in the past?

Continue reading

Google & Qualitative Marketing Research

GCS Will Smooth Entry into Consumer Research

Later this month, Google Consumer Surveys (GCS) will be launching an expanded toolbox to companies and researchers alike. Currently, publishers can use Google’s two-question surveys to monetize content, giving users the option of answering a few survey questions in order to access premium content. Approximately 200 online content providers, such as the L.A. Times and USA Today, are currently offering their readers Google Surveys. Continue reading