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How prominent companies are using marketing research.

Some Food Startups and Other Non-Techs to Watch

Hampton Creek's Just Mayo, Back to the Roots, Zinepak and Front & Center Marketing warrant a look.

Variety of Organic Spices USDA

When people think of startups, they’re often associated with young, driven entrepreneurs who are disrupting a market with technology or apps. This may be what we recognize as a startup, but the term can refer to any young business filled with potential and innovation, especially if it offers a new product or service.

We like companies that are doing something new, filling a gap in the market or exposing a market’s weaknesses, so we wanted to shed light on two food startups and a few others working outside the field of technology.

Here are some entrepreneurial companies you should keep your eye on: Continue reading

Natural Food Brands Thrive through Customer Connections

Big Tree Farms & Field Roast Share Their Natural Food Brands' Marketing Approaches
Beautiful Ombar chocolate bars with packaging designed by Ocean Branding

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Natural and organic food once was confined to places like the Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto or Ithaca’s Moosewood Restaurant. It’s only been in the last decade or so that eating healthy has become…cool. More people are drinking coconut water, eating paleo, and getting their daily spirulina fix.

Last year, Kroger and other traditional grocers reported that they were selling more organic and freshly prepared foods. Natural food brands are expanding—Credit Suisse analysts expect the number of natural and organic food stores in the US to double by between 2015-2020.

This increase can be attributed to education and simply being more deeply Continue reading

Samsung’s Creative Qualitative Research

Galaxy S4 Built on Ethnography & Trend Analysis

Samsung’s new Galaxy S4, positioned as your “real life companion”, lands in stores April 26.  It builds some new features into the successful Galaxy S3 wireless phone.  Much has written lately about the different marketing approaches of Samsung and Apple, especially their use of creative qualitative research. Continue reading