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Case Study: Usability Research


An established lifestyle brand came to BuyerSynthesis to make sure its new website design solved the old website’s issues and had none of its own. The company wanted UX research to ensure that new prospects could easily navigate through the sales pipeline.

What We Did

Using our proprietary recruitment method, we engaged a dozen participants from the brand’s target market around the country for individual interviews. For this user experience research we set up scenarios that brought each participant into the sales pipeline.

The same participants tested both the old and new websites to ensure that we were tracking the effectiveness of the design changes. Using online screen-in-screen video and recording technology, we were able to see and hear participants discuss the challenges they encountered while using the website, and to incorporate video clips to communicate these to the lifestyle client and its agency.


We used a disciplined online qualitative approach for this user experience project. BuyerSynthesis identified issues with functionality, user experience, and the brand’s approach to converting prospects.

Our fresh perspective allowed us and our participants to see problems that stakeholders too close to the project couldn’t. We provided recommendations based on evidence and informed by our commercial awareness.

BuyerSynthesis worked with the design team to implement solutions to the website early in the design process, saving the client both time and money. In first four months of the work, unique new sales practically doubled and leads were up 125%.*

Contact us today if you would like to discuss using UX Research to improve your, or your client’s website usability.

*Source: Agency Partner news release.

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