Case Study: New Product Research


A popular restaurant chain had an informal research and development department but were looking for a consultant to give the new product research process structure while meeting research standards. The brand wanted to get honest and valid feedback from their customers to reduce the risk of developing new products so BuyerSynthesis was brought in to head up their new product preference testing efforts.

What We Did

Context is important for getting valid research results, so BuyerSynthesis ran product testing in the restaurant itself, the same atmosphere where new menu items would later be purchased. Participants ate in small focus groups, within the restaurant but away from bustle of everyday activity.

BuyerSynthesis tested complete new products before they went out to the restaurants using traditional sensory scoring and opening the floor for qualitative comments. We used handheld devices that gave us real-time results of the guests’ experiences while eating.

We reported our findings with ranked scores provided through data-fed instant graphs as well as quotes and comments from participants. We followed sensory guidelines to include the necessary sample numbers to insure that our work was quantitatively valid as well as qualitatively rich, the definition of quali-quant research.


The insights from our research contributed to energizing the brand and boosting them to one of the top specialty restaurant chains in the country. BuyerSynthesis helped this restaurant to launch new dishes that have become mainstays of the brand by allowing them to be creative while lowering the risk of new product releases.

BuyerSynthesis also helped the restaurant build an understanding of their guests that helped them develop a target profile of who they are in order to more appropriately meet their needs. The quantitative data gave tangible information while the qualitative comments helped the brand understand the strengths of each new product and how to market them to entice customers.

As a trusted partner, our continued research contributed to a successful menu redesign and corporate-wide brand refresh with new interior designs and exterior restaurant architecture. Our work helped this brand grow its annual revenues by 50%.*

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*Source: Corporate Annual Reports.

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