Case Study: Focus Groups


BuyerSynthesis worked with a non-profit arts organization to help management learn how to refresh its image for a new generation without losing the qualities loyal patrons love. The organization wanted to attract more new, younger audience members while bridging the gap with its core audiences.

What We Did

The project started with an internal audit of the marketing department. We wanted to learn more about their challenges and resources for two reasons: to find out what questions they needed answered and to ensure our recommendations were feasible for the organization.

BuyerSynthesis recruited dozens of participants from the organization’s audience for focus group research. The groups were segmented by generation, visitation frequency, and when their last visit was.

We discussed what the organization meant to them, what changes they would like to see, and what effects innovations might have on them. Each person created the story of a recent, memorable audience experience.


Using a focus group approach, BuyerSynthesis gained a concrete understanding of who the organization’s audience was and what was important to them. We identified the personal attachment and deep appreciation members of the organization felt.

Our experience with non-profits allowed us to provide viable recommendations that would enhance the relationship between the organization and its audience while keeping costs down.

BuyerSynthesis’ research was crucial in helping the organization develop innovative audience engagement and delivery approaches that added energy to the process of planning infrastructure improvements.

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