Case Study: Ethnography & IDI Research


BuyerSynthesis was part of a team approached by the creators of an organic grocery product for help with accelerating its penetration of the mainstream market. The company wanted to understand how to successfully make the leap from natural and regional grocers to mainstream, full-price national grocers.

What We Did

To gain a complete understanding of current and potential customers, our team performed in-depth interviews with prospects, as well as an online survey of current and recent customers. For the IDIs, BuyerSynthesis recruited women who had some understanding of the product category and were open to purchase.

In order to preserve the participants’ natural context we used an ethnographic approach to observe and listen to them lead us throughout a typical shopping experience. This was followed by in-depth conversations in their homes and product tasting to provide a full picture of a customer’s purchase journey.


By putting potential customers in a familiar and comfortable environment, BuyerSynthesis was able to build rapport with the participants who showed and shared the details of how they actually shop.

Our casual yet disciplined approach led to rich insights about nutrition, family structure, and how women balance their own and their family’s health needs with budgetary restrictions.

BuyerSynthesis provided recommendations informed by the opinions and knowledge of potential customers, contributing to the company’s aggressive growth strategy. The company has since found success in repositioning the product and was on track to double its annual retail sales by the following year.

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