Case Study: Brand Positioning Research


A start-up apparel brand asked BuyerSynthesis to gather evidence that would empirically validate the product’s earning potential. They wanted to find out whether key parts of their brand positioning were important to their target market and whether the unique selling points justified the premium price tag.

What We Did

For the most relevant results, BuyerSynthesis traveled to, and recruited participants from, places where the product would be most valued. Before unveiling the prototype, we had participants design their own concept to help us establish what qualities they felt were important in a product.

We led small groups in discussions about their apparel needs, lifestyle usage, and the ideal product before having them try on the apparel samples. Using recording devices, we were able to capture their responses to the new product.


By maintaining a casual and collaborative atmosphere, our approach suited the brand and its lifestyle context. We identified characteristics that make potential customers choose a particular product and devote themselves to a brand.

Participants were positive about the product and gave feedback on their preferred brand positioning statement. BuyerSynthesis was able to provide qualitative data that showed the product had the potential to be successful in the mainstream market.

Insights from our brand positioning research were instrumental in the company closing financing deals with investors, completing a successful Kickstarter campaign, and reinforcing the brand’s marketing strategy. Demand currently outpaces supply.

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