Case Study: User Research


A digital agency was developing an app for a fashion brand’s ecommerce site and asked BuyerSynthesis to help understand the habits and emotions of women while shopping. In order to create an app that would truly resonate with their target market, the agency wanted to conduct user research to learn more about how women use ecommerce websites and how they feel about themselves while shopping.

What We Did

BuyerSynthesis organized in-home interviews and shop-alongs at mid-range retailers that featured the fashion brand. We chose this approach because we needed to make participants feel more comfortable talking about personal topics.

While in their homes, we had the women explain the process they go through while shopping online on their own computers. We discussed the types of apparel they buy online and those they prefer to buy in-store. During and after shop-alongs, we gathered insights about how women understood ‘fit’ and the way they feel about their bodies while trying on clothes.


With this personalized approach, we learned about the stress and vulnerability women in the client’s target market feel while shopping for certain categories of clothing. Children and careers have given them less time to shop and they feel less physically confident.

With consumer insights such as these we were able to recommend the best imagery and overall positioning for the app that would make women feel supported while shopping for this particular product.

As part of a corporate-wide e-commerce push, our work helped to fuel 36% year-over-year online sales growth for this Fortune 500 apparel company*.

This research project is the epitome of BuyerSynthesis’ ability to turn buyer psychology into commercial results. We emphasized connection with the participants in order to delve into sensitive subjects and synthesized that qualitative data into actionable recommendations for the client.

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*Source: Client Annual Report

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