About BuyerSynthesis

Started in 2002, BuyerSynthesis is a boutique consumer insights consultancy that works with a variety of consumer-facing companies, creative agencies and cultural non-profits. We help clients create more effective marketing through better understanding their buyers.

Our Name

We help you put the Buyer first. They are the most important person in any business. Our research brings the voice of the consumer to the front of your marketing strategy.

Data Synthesis clarifies the meaning in our research, leading to recommendations you can use immediately. We use business expertise and sophisticated research to deliver the insights and strategy you need to increase revenues.

BuyerSynthesis.  The buywhys™ marketing research company.

Jennifer Cooper

Version 2Jennifer Cooper combines her economics and business background, interest in understanding people, and ability to communicate ideas to lead BuyerSynthesis. She can implement a primary research project from start to finish in collaboration with carefully selected partners; work alongside your in-house team; or consult with you to glean insights from your existing research.

Ms. Cooper holds a BA in quantitative economics from U.C. Berkeley, graduated first in her full-time MBA class from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and earned a professional research certification from the University of Georgia. She draws on her decades of research, investment, and marketing experience to help food, restaurant, cultural and other consumer brands refine product strategies, fine-tune marketing communications tactics and understand more about their buyers.

If you are need a consumer insights consultant, please contact us to discuss your needs and goals and to explore the best research strategy to get you where you want to be.

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