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Graphic: Content & Customer Service Drive Trust in Marketing

Brands work hard to get in front of buyers. It’s important to keep in mind how important consistency and other elements that build trust are in converting prospects to buyers and in keeping current buyers from going elsewhere. The graphic below, created by Ghergich & Co. for Salesforce Canada, shows how online, email and offsite Content and responsive Customer Service combine to help business marketers create an atmosphere of trust. Continue reading

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Focus Group Moderator

JugglerMany client-side researchers find themselves pressured to conduct all of their brand’s research in-house. Social media tracking, survey design and analysis and customer satisfaction tracking can be successful hands-on activities for talented corporate insights professionals. Why not bring focus groups completely in-house as well?

Usually this question doesn’t come from those insights team members or even marketing leaders who have watched and used the recommendations from focus groups run by professional facilitators. It comes from higher ups who may have sat in on a few well-run groups and figure “how hard could it be”?

So for those tasked with new product concept testing, usability research or brand strategy research, following is a list of 7 reasons you should hire a professional focus group moderator.

1. Experienced focus group moderators have tools to handle difficult group dynamics.

Groups of people who come together for focus groups can be challenging. A moderator has to Continue reading