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7 Tips for a Productive Marketing Innovation Process

Brainstorming SessionI’ve been involved in both the upfront and the testing phases of innovation and have seen and heard from clients what works and what doesn’t. The first step in marketing innovation is to gather your best ideas in one place. Before brainstorming, it helps to understand the needs and wants of your market. What’s the best way to do this? Ask them.

Here are 7 tips for getting a productive start on the innovation process:

1. Start with the voice of the consumer.

While it’s true that consumers don’t always have your next great idea (see Quirky’s bankruptcy notice for an example of this in action), they do know what they like. Send them on a shopping expedition and follow along, or talk to a group of them about their visit to your competition.

Listen for the need states underneath their preferences and for themes that emerge across Continue reading