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How to Start to Segment Your Buyers

Gas pump grades close upI once saw a MAD Magazine cartoon that showed three gas pumps with different levels of octane and different prices. But the artist also showed the cutaway of the single below ground tank that provided the same exact same gas to each pump.

Funny, of course. But there’s some truth to the idea. Different people want different experiences, products and price points while meeting the same need. So in a product, like gas, that most people buy, sometimes the key to success is to sell slightly different products to different people.

In the 1970s, Howard Moskowitz was asked by Pepsi to determine what the perfect level of sweetness was for Diet Pepsi. The brand wanted to appeal to the largest audience. From the Continue reading

15 Traits of a Great Market Research Consultant

Urban Modern DeskIn 2010, a study by Intuit predicted that 40% of the US workforce would be contingent workers – that is, freelancers and consultants – by 2020. Today, we’re halfway to that year and it appears that we have already hit 34% of the workforce engaged as independent contractors, freelancers, and moonlighters.

It’s a significant shift in the mindset we have about work and employment – some are even blaming our slow economic recovery on this change. Whether you’re a researcher looking to go out on your own or a client that wants to hire a market research consultant, recognizing these traits will help you get the most out of your choice.

1.    Client-focused

A good marketing research consultant is more interested in meeting the needs of the clients than furthering their own agenda. It doesn’t mean bending to a clients’ every whim, just understanding what they want from a project and guiding them towards the best way to get it.

2.    Good listener

You need to be a good listener – what clients say they want isn’t always what they need. Continue reading