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Some Food Startups and Other Non-Techs to Watch

Hampton Creek's Just Mayo, Back to the Roots, Zinepak and Front & Center Marketing warrant a look.

Variety of Organic Spices USDA

When people think of startups, they’re often associated with young, driven entrepreneurs who are disrupting a market with technology or apps. This may be what we recognize as a startup, but the term can refer to any young business filled with potential and innovation, especially if it offers a new product or service.

We like companies that are doing something new, filling a gap in the market or exposing a market’s weaknesses, so we wanted to shed light on two food startups and a few others working outside the field of technology.

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Advertising Research: Add Insights to Your Ads

7 Tips on Adding Consumer Research to Your Agency Team

Times Square Shows How Advertising Research WorksAdvertising, design and digital agencies are vital to the life of a brand. They add metaphor and visual appeal to even mundane products and connect companies to buyers. What you can’t see, however, may be even more important – the advertising research that drives the strategy upon which your agency’s work is based.

Large, full-service agencies may have strategy, research and planning departments, with the expertise to bring consumer insights to the creative table. Smaller agencies may have excellent strategists as partners, with their pulse on your industry.

But it’s ultimately up to you, the client, to make sure your agency has sound strategic insights to make its work smart and effective. Your agency’s brand planning approach, will be more effective if its consumer perspectives are based on research.

1. Agree on the ground rules before beginning a client-agency relationship.

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Brand Impact of Using Celebrities in Advertising

If you use celebrities in a strategic way they can encourage brand trial.

Behind the Scenes with Aveda at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Spring Summer 2014Brands have been using celebrities in advertising for decades because they can bring in huge rewards. Choosing the right celebrity to endorse your products can help you stand out, build trust, and make your product memorable.

Are these benefits commonly associated with celebrity endorsements simply conjecture derived from anecdotal evidence? We delved into the research to determine whether celebrity endorsements truly do have an impact on the bottom lines of businesses and if so, how.

How do celebrities influence customer purchases?

Marketers use celebrity endorsers to influence purchase decisions of their target market. But how exactly does a celebrity impact a consumer’s buying behavior? Continue reading

How to Conduct a Focus Group

Step by Step Information on Planning and Moderating Focus Groups

Family shopping in Asian grocery storeYou may want to know how to conduct a focus group in order to understand how buyers feel about your brand, which new product ideas to pursue, or who your buyers are. While survey research can tell you how many, or what, focus groups are good at uncovering why people feel certain ways. Letting people talk with each other means they build on each other’s ideas and sometimes influence each other – just like word of mouth influences people in “real life”.

While you may spend every waking moment considering new uses for your product, you may well find that your buyers seldom do. So letting people come together to consider your business means they are reminded of what little they do think and can evolve their feelings over the course of the group. Since marketing is the art and science of influencing people, it’s helpful to see this happen in real time.

Decide Who You Want to Talk To

Who will you be selling your product or service to? Talk to them. If you already have an ongoing Continue reading