Monthly Archives: March 2013

Samsung’s Creative Qualitative Research

Galaxy S4 Built on Ethnography & Trend Analysis

Samsung’s new Galaxy S4, positioned as your “real life companion”, lands in stores April 26.  It builds some new features into the successful Galaxy S3 wireless phone.  Much has written lately about the different marketing approaches of Samsung and Apple, especially their use of creative qualitative research. Continue reading

Focus Group Moderator on Myths

Group Think, Dominators and Lame Participants All?

Having been a focus group moderator for more than a decade, I have heard clients express many myths about qualitative research, especially focus groups. They perpetuate “group think”.  One or two noisy people dominate. You can’t believe any insights based on conversations with numbers of people less than three or four digits. Or, to extrapolate from some conversations I’ve had, people in focus groups are unemployed losers who have no life – otherwise why would they bother to come talk to us? Continue reading

Choosing Qualitative Research Methods

Focus Groups, Individual Depth Interviews or Online Qualitative

In trying to decide between qualitative research methods, it’s important to recognize that there isn’t one “right” way.  Marketing research is an attempt to understand the lives, minds and behaviors of the people to whom you are selling goods and services, to help you make better decisions. Continue reading