10 (Business) New Year’s Resolutions 2015

According to Forbes*, Only 8% of Individuals Achieve their Resolutions!

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No need to think up my own New Year’s resolutions this year. As a researcher, I can re-purpose other people’s thoughts for fun and profit, so I checked usa.gov to find the most popular New Year’s resolutions in America. Here they are, remodeled for BuyerSynthesis:

1. Lose Weight

I interviewed recurrent dieters for one of my clients this past year. While participants browsed the client’s new website, I learned their motivations in choosing a diet. One theme can be called, “What will they let me eat?” I found this fascinating. For most, the diet plans acted as a surrogate mother, giving or taking away permission for this basic need. And this got me thinking about how at some point we all need to make our own choices.

In business this year my choice is to continue to work with clients and brands I truly want to work with, and to actively seek more that resemble them. Arts, fashion, food, culture, health. I can get interested in anything, but ultimately I will continue to be the one accepting the work.

2. Volunteer to Help Others

BuyerSynthesis just announced our new 2015 Marketing Scholarship. We will award $1000 in May to one student who identifies the need for marketing research in a brand. So often all of us see advertising, use products or have a customer service experience that leaves us gasping for change.

The “What Not to Wear”-style submissions will give each student a forum to name this need and BuyerSynthesis will be presented with a host of intriguing examples of places we might apply our expertise.

3. Quit Smoking

In Colorado, the smell of cannabis is fast exceeding that of tobacco. A client, the Colorado Symphony, announced a series of cannabis-themed small concerts last summer. Removing jail time for an annoying habit seems smart – increasing a public health problem? Not so great.

Haven’t yet taken on a pot client.

4. Get a Better Education

I completed my Certificate in Marketing Research a year ago and earned a PRC from the University of Georgia. Added this to my BA from Berkeley and MBA from CU Boulder. Not sure I need a PhD at the moment, but hopefully the new BuyerSynthesis 2015 Marketing Scholarship will help someone else attain her or his educational goals.

5. Get a Better Job

In 2002, when I started getting hired for freelance work and started asking potential employers whether I could do the offered full time jobs on a contract basis instead, I realized that an employee I am not.

6. Save Money

Marketing Research means talking to people and structuring their thoughts and answers into business intelligence. It can be done in traditional ways using facilities and video cameras and it also can be done using client-collaboration and creative thinking to cut down on expenses.

Depending on the client size, time frame, and for- or not-for-profit status, I’ll continue to find ways to get rich insights at many different budget levels.

7. Get Fit

Exercise regimens often take some time to get off the ground. Bodies need to be gently coaxed into moving again, and supported, not strained, as they gradually can do more, stronger, faster.

The same applies to our SEO campaign.

We hired a stellar local firm a year plus ago, have worked with our new content star for a few months and are finally poised to start getting content moving out the door regularly. More, stronger, faster.

8. Eat Healthy Food

Food clients make us happy at BuyerSynthesis. I like food – cooking it, eating it, seeing beautiful food photography. I particularly love it when healthy food meets tasty and energy providing fare.

I went to a compelling presentation by the founder of Justin’s Nut Butters a few months ago. He talked about his journey to combine taste, energy, fitness and health.

9. Take a Trip

Online qualitative research continues to expand. I have found that it removes the need to travel as much, (and the associated costs – see #6) and brings the joy of national samples to smaller projects. We take on more and more online quant so travel will increasingly be just for fun.

10. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Yes, I’m reusing other people’s New Year’s Resolutions. I will also continue to bring experiences from past eco-conscious clients such as New Belgium and Eco-Products to future projects.

Colorado marketing research professional Jennifer Cooper heads BuyerSynthesis, the buywhys™ marketing research company. Her research helps clients make smarter, more profitable marketing decisions. She can be reached at info@buyersynthesis.com.

* Forbes Article on # Who Keep Resolutions

Photo credits: Sara J., One Way Stock

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