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You are here because you’re craving information. Which product should you launch? Is your website effective? What motivates your buyers? Do you need qualitative market research? Which questions do you not yet know to ask?

Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research Consultancy

Whether you are still working to clarify your goals or have already decided on the specifics of your research project, you need a consumer insights consultant who will help you better understand your customers in a way that meets your marketing objectives and budget.

Research improves your decisions and reduces your risk

It helps you stay on top of the issues that matter to your buyers and the trends influencing your prospects. Research informs your product strategy, pointing you in the most profitable directions. And since it centers your entire business on your consumers, it keeps you and your colleagues focused on what’s most important.

We bring experience, creativity, business-savvy and a collaborative approach to consumer insights gathering

We design each research project to address the business goals and challenges of the consumer-facing companies, creative agencies and cultural non-profits with whom we partner. We therefore work alongside you while bringing the creatively analytical savvy and experience we’ve gleaned while acting as a strategic guide to many other marketers. We think technology can make research more efficient and useful, so use the latest research tools whether conducting user experience research or in-home ethnography.

We offer qualitative and quantitative approaches

You may need Qualiwhys™ services if you are looking to:

Test a new product or concept

Improve your marketing communications strategy

Understand who your consumers are and what they want

Improve the user experience of your website or app

You may also need Quantiwhys™ approaches to understand the preferences of your entire market, recognize large-scale consumer problems, or quantify qualitative research.

Learn more about our services.

At the end of every project we present synthesized data and recommendations that will help you make the smartest decisions for your business.

You don’t need to have it all figured out!

Contact us to discuss your challenges and to explore options to add consumer insights or UX research to your product, communications or digital strategy.

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BuyerSynthesis product research example
BuyerSynthesis product research example